Monitoring Platform of Websites, Socket and Services for alerting

Alerty helps you like a monitoring service, you can add websites, ips with ports for detecting fails and downtime in real time you can create alerts such as email, SMS, slack, and more.

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The better service for your customers

Admin all your monitoring in one platform and give reports and alerts for your services

  • Real-time reports
  • A lot of targets for notification.
  • Easy to use.
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Why Choose Alerty ?

Alerty is pretty simple to use, you can have all your services monitoring with some clicks. Startups love us probably you don't need a complex and expensive system for it.

Happy Customers

Your customers shouldn't detect fails. Save money and earn more!.

All Types of Notifications

Send instant push messages and notifications to your team in real time.

Realtime Stats

No delay in the realtime statistics, what you see is exactly what is happening. You will have to try it to believe it.


Why should I monitor my website or services?

Reasons to monitor your websites, sockets and services


All websites run into trouble from time to time:

Murphy’s Law will make sure of that. There simply are too many things that can break a website, from server hardware issues to software issues to coding errors to network downtime to power outages to…


No alerts = calm waters and peace of mind:

You will know if your website is working even if you’re on the road, at the beach, or simply away from your desk for a few hours. Besides, you don’t actually visit your website every minute of the day, do you?


It’s embarrassing when your users call you to let you know your site is down:

You shouldn’t let your users or customers act as your monitoring. If they know before you do, that can easily get very embarrassing.

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Features and Details

You can see some of our amazing features we will working on more features soon.


Add all your websites.


Add your IP (ipv4 or ipv6).


Add TCP and UDP Ports.



Receive alerts by email, for you and for your partners.


Are you outside? you can use SMS too.

Slack and More

Later, you can have a lot of integrations.

Do you want to have reports for you or your customers? it's easy now.

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Monitors Robots


  • Automated scanner, for all paths of your website.
  • Detect the status of your paths.
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  • Statistics on the efficiency of your website or online service.
  • Easy to use.
  • Filters to view the reports, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually
  • Show robots and messages
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Monitoring Reports

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